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Treating a Broken Nose

Treating a Broken Nose

November 22, 2012 By admin

The bones within the nose are among the weakest in the entire human body, and therefore much more susceptible to fractures and breaks. A broken nose can be the result of a sporting injury, a physical altercation, or any impact or fall. There are a few clear symptoms that will indicate a broken nose, such as swelling, bruising, black eyes, nosebleed, difficulty breathing, or a clearly deformed nose. Determining the right course of treatment for a broke nose can be fairly difficult, and largely depends upon the severity of the break and the personal preferences of the individual.

Soon After the Break
There are a few at home remedies that can be applied to a broken nose immediately following the break. The primary cause of pain in the nose is going to be from the swelling around the break. Placing a cold compress gently over the nose for short periods of time can alleviate the swelling. The compress should not be left on the nose continuously, and ice should not be placed directly onto the skin.

To further alleviate inflammation and pain, over the counter medications can be taken as directed, such as Tylenol, or Advil. To reduce the blood flow to the head, the head should remain elevated. When in bed, alleviate the head in a way that does not cause the neck to remain at a bent angle. In order to improve the ability to breath the through nasal passages, decongestants can be used as directed. If breathing remains difficult after using the decongestant for two days, it is essential to seek consultation with a physician.

When to Seek Medical Guidance
It is always smart to have a broken nose examined by a doctor within the first few days of the break. The physician can determine if the break is going to affect the ability to breath, cause internal bleeding, disturb nearby facial bone structures, or have any other serious health ramifications. In the event that the broken nose is treated using home remedies only, but the symptoms of the break continue after three days, a visit to the doctor is strongly recommended. If the break is addressed soon enough, the physician may even be able to set the bones in order to correct, or at least reduce, any crooked appearance.

Is Rhinoplasty Necessary?
There are two primary reasons one would consider rhinoplasty in order to correct the affects of a broken nose: to correct breathing problems or to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose. Even if a doctor is able to set the bones immediately after the break, there is a chance that once the nose has completely healed, the nasal passages may be obstructed, and the nose may not be as straight or smooth as it was previous to the break.

To receive the best results possible, it is wise to consult with a surgeon soon after the break. In order to be a candidate for a closed nasal reduction, the procedure will need to be completed after the swelling from the injury has subsided, but before the bones have had a chance to set. Once the bones have set, an open nasal reduction will be necessary, which involves re-breaking the nasal bones and resetting them into a more favorable position.

The decision of whether or not to choose rhinoplasty to correct a broken nose is largely left to personal preference. Each individual patient will receive a different level of results and benefits depending upon the challenges presented by the unique circumstances of the break.

Regardless of whether the cosmetic appearance of the nose is of high importance, all individuals suffering from broken noses should seek the medical attention necessary to ensure they remain healthy.


The above information is not medical advice, for reference only / from : Michelle


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